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En passant

« Kundalini crisis is a healing in process. »  Michael Sky Nothing really relevant on the Big Net about kundalini spontaneous awakening, yet many shared personal experiences, all different, some more happy, some less. So, no real recipe, keep breathing guys, the … Lire la suite


Inelia Benz

Interesting Inelia…

Reiki and Religion

It is often difficult to explain about reiki to people that practice a religion.

Here is the example that this technique can be used for a great benefit and without any « damage » or « danger » as I often can hear or read around.

Now of course, everybody is free of  his/her own opinion.


Reiki en attente

Un superbe article glané sur le dernier Reikiforum!



Compassionate Capitalism

Lilou Macé, as always, a lot of new informations and concepts for evolution on a small and large  scale.


Jacques Salomé – Le courage d’être soi

Livre audio de ce livre de Jacques Salomé, Le courage d’être soi, à propos de la fidélité à soi qui doit exister dans toute relation pour la rendre positive et durable.



Angel A – Luc Besson