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Jiddu Krishnamurti – Programmed to conflict

WOMEN: How To Stop Saying Yes When You Really Mean No!

A brilliant article from Saida Désilets about being honest with ourselves, about all the moments we forget about ourselves to serve family, friends, bosses etc.

Do we really have to do that?

See here.




Unplugging the Patriarchy-Lucia RENE

Lucia René

Unplugging the Patriarchy – A Mystical Journey in the Heart of a New Age : A real page turner book I recommend!


IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences

Study of the mind. And how consciousness matters.

The IONS hosts a very interesting research project named Global Consciousness Project, designed to observe the interconnectedness of human consciousness.


Effort is not a factor in your experience

About deliberate creation, trying and struggle.

Esther « Abraham » HICKS.


good article about law of attraction

What is a Reiki Initiation?

What is a Reiki initiation?

An initiation (or « attunement ») is made by a Reiki Master Teacher, putting him/herself at the disposal of the universal energy which will work through him/her.

Therefore, no Super Powers involved, just a knowledge that we do not have.

The Reiki initiation allows the person who asked for it to be able, at the end of the two days course, of channelling the energy of Reiki through his/her hands and this for all his/her life.

This « attunement » must be done 4 times (for the 1st degree called SHODEN in all cases), on two days.

It must be accompanied by a teaching on how to use this energy – its instructions for use – , the specificity of each degree, different techniques bequeathed by the elders of our lineage, why when and how, on the origin of this tool and especially on the ethics of  Reiki. That is why two days are necessary and often a tight schedule.

More info about courses


Message des Hommes Vrais au Monde Mutant


Je me permets de partager ici un lien vers ce livre, Message des Hommes Vrais au Monde Mutant (Mutant Message Down Under) de Marlo Morgan. Il s’agirait d’une expérience de vie extraordinaire vécue au sein d’une tribu aborigène d’Australie. Les mutants, ce sont nous, la « civilisation », car nous sommes coupés de nos sens, de notre sens.

En passant

« Kundalini crisis is a healing in process. »  Michael Sky Nothing really relevant on the Big Net about kundalini spontaneous awakening, yet many shared personal experiences, all different, some more happy, some less. So, no real recipe, keep breathing guys, the … Lire la suite